OSIS quick care does not test or treat COVID 19!

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Locations & Hours

Office Hours

Dr. Kirk sees patients by appointment only. We have limited office hours at this time. Please call to schedule an appointment. (813) 755-OSIS

Plant City

1513 James L. Redman Pkwy Suite 103
Plant City, Fl 33563
(813) 755-OSIS


Self-pay urgent care provider
NO insurance accepted -we will provide a super-bill for patients upon request.
TeleHealth: available and needs to be scheduled in advance – Please call the office to see how soon we can get you seen via video.

Services & Pricing

It is important to draw a distinction between a full urgent care center and a quick care walk-in clinic. A full service urgent care facility deals with situations that may be painful but are not life-threatening and can provide x-rays, fracture splinting for broken bones and onsite lab work. As well as a full line of immunizations,

OSIS Quick Care can address minor burns or injuries, sprains and strains, ear infections, coughs and colds, sore throats, pink eye and UTIs are examples of issues we deal with on a regular basis.

DOT Drivers/Mechanic Physicals - please click here for “D.O.T. to you” for information

No Insurance accepted

Illness $75.00

Colds and coughs
Sore throat
Pink eye
Upper respiratory infections
Sinus infections
Urinary Tract Infections

Injury $75.00

Additional Charges apply for sutures, injections and other procedures.

Minor laceration (extra cost)
Abscess Drainage (extra cost)
Bug bites & stings
Splinter & fishing hook removal
Suture & staple removal

Wellness $25.00

One-time medication renewal
School Physicals
Sport Physicals
Camp Physicals

Nutrition Health

By referral from Dr. Jeff Dunn D.C., certified nutritionist

No medication dispensed onsite - prescription only
Serving ages 2 and over at this time

Our Beginnings

OSIS has been brought about by the encouragement of friends and colleagues to bring healthcare to those in our community that do not have healthcare coverage or insurance. We are a solo practitioner and wife offering quick care for minor urgent needs. OSIS is here for your scrapes, sprains, strains and the occasional cold. Dr. Kirk can treat urinary tract infections (UTI) and take care of that minor cut too.

Dr. Kirk Smith is a Plant City native and want to serve his community and those that call it home.

Meet Dr. Kirk

Dr. Kirk Smith, DHSc, APRN, has extensive experience in the emergency room, trauma care, and urgent care. He is highly qualified to provide general patient care and urgent care services. Emergency medicine has been his career since he started at an EMT working for Herdon Ambulance in Lakeland, Florida.

Dr. Kirk Smith, DHSc, APRN, is licensed as an APRN – Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Health Sciences.